Sounds of waves, smell of the ocean, tanned bronze skin, sands, breath-taking sunset…..

Q.HEART was born in the tropical island Bali in 2007.The back ground is beach boho life style.



From the beginning to the finishing/packing, we work closely with factories in Bali. One of our feature is handmade textile designs. Many are original and drawn by craftsman's hand.  Our fans enjoy one of the kind crafted vibes.



Q.HEART = Queen of Hearts

Q.HEART’s designs are minimalistic to help accentuate each individual woman’s personality.

Being simple and easy to wear, our fans enjoy accessorizing and styling to create their own favorite look.

We focus on making you look sensual and enhancing your femininity.

We believe that each woman has her own, individual sense of femininity, even if they aren’t always aware of it.

Q.HEART clothes are best worn with the confidence that you look beautiful in them because they give you more than just style, but also the feeling of sexy&cute!